5 Stratagems for achieving anything in life

Humans have the same challenges, we all want to be great, do great things, succeed in life and provide for our families. We also all have fears.

Goliath is so much bigger and better than you are, it’s so hard to even think that you can compete against these giants of your industry or their’s no room for you at all. Wrong mindset. Let’s ask the right question.

How can we or where should we start? The answer is very simple.

There is always room for purpose, destiny, the best and more important your GIFT. It literally makes room for you, read Proverbs 18:16. What’s your gift? Coffee shops are all over the place yet you can have yours and be successful go for it. You want to heal people go for it. I encourage to follow your heart, touch your head not your chest and follow these simple stratagems.

  1. Write your vision down, dreamers write, if you see it in your head write it down on paper, think about where you are and how long it would take you to fulfill that vision and just write. It could be 1-year, 18 months, 3-years, to 20-years only you know.

  2. Set goals for yourself based on your vision.

  3. Create detailed plans for achieving those goals, the question to answer is this: What steps(build a checklist) do I need to execute to accomplish X by when?

  4. Take action on your plan.

  5. Repeat

That’s it no long paragraphs, no fluff, no sad stories get up and take action.

You can take action right now.

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